SF State: A Longtime City Resident

Golden Gate Bridge

From its roots in 1899 as a teacher-training school to its status today as a major urban university, SF State has reflected the forward thinking of the city in which it is located.

In its earliest days SF State developed a reputation for graduating first-rate school teachers and its training methods were copied across the globe. Later, during the 1960s, the University established what remains the nation's first and only College of Ethnic Studies.

SF State has stayed on the forefront of academic excellence for more than a century. It was the first in the nation to establish an International Relations Department and to create a Poetry Center and American Poetry Archives in a university setting.

It was also the first public university to offer a research-oriented social science master's degree in Human Sexuality Studies. In addition to these historical firsts, SF State ranks number one among master's level universities for total grants in the biological and physical sciences.

Like the city of San Francisco, the University has become a world-class destination. Today SF State enrolls more international students than any other master's degree-granting institution in the U.S. But while the University's reach extends far and wide, its greatest impact can be felt close to home.

Through scores of centers, institutes and special programs, SF State faculty, staff and students address health care, early childhood education, neighborhood renewal, and a host of other issues that affect the daily lives of San Franciscians.

Each year SF State contributes thousands of new graduates to the educated and skilled workforce. The University continues to invent the future of San Francisco.