We Make Success Happen

For more than a century, San Francisco State University has powered the Bay Area. Our more than 235,000 graduates fuel the workforce, drive civic engagement and deliver game-changing innovation.

Photos of a graduate and students with the text "San Francisco State University: We Make Success Happen"

We know that the best recipe for success is hard work and hustle mixed with a dash of creativity. That being a little out there can be a good thing. That everyone deserves a shot at realizing their dreams.

Tell us that you need an Ivy League degree to change the world, and we will beg to disagree. Our powerhouse students, faculty and alumni include the activist behind the AIDS Memorial Quilt, the first U.S. researchers to locate planets beyond our solar system and the inventor of the microprocessor. Hundreds more have struggled to find the perfect spot to store their Pulitzer, Oscar, Emmy, Grammy or Tony.

In our experience, the best things actually come to those who refuse to wait. We are proud to be the first public university to divest from fossil fuels and home of the nation’s only College of Ethnic Studies. The serious study of jazz music, an international relations degree and a university poetry center and archives -- also our ideas.

Our people come from across the globe but embrace a common philosophy: Barriers are made to be broken and expectations meant to be exceeded. Get to know us and you will see firsthand that anything is possible when a bright mind joins forces with San Francisco State University.